There are many factors that impact radon levels in indoor air. These factors may be temperature, ventilation, high/low pressure, but there are many others. Radon levels are not constant during a 24-hour cycle. Levels vary a lot - this is why measuring operations over a longer period are more reliable. The longer you measure, more accurate the measurement.

In order to give an annual average value in an indoor environment, a measurement period of at least 60 days is needed. The measurement must be performed in the heating period from October 15th -April 15th.

Indicative short-term measurements can be performed if time is short, e.g. selling the house. It is also common practice to use this method for radon mitigation effectiveness check. Short-term measurement must span over at least 7 days. Short-term measurements will not give an annual average value, nor a wholly reliable answer. It only gives an indication as to whether or not radon levels are high or low at the measurement site.

If you want to take a radon measurement of your indoor air, please order via our website. We will then send you the track-etch kits. You install the detectors in the spaces you want to check. For more info on how and where to measure, please see the Orders-tab.

Eurofins will analyse the track-films when the detectors are returned to our laboratory. Eurofins will send you the report within approximately three weeks, depending on the season.