These terms and conditions apply when you buy from Eurofins Webshop Radon. Please read them carefully.

General information

You must be at least 18 years of age to place an order. Incoming orders are acknowledged with an order confirmation sent by email. A purchase agreement is deemed to come into effect once Eurofins has confirmed the order. Eurofins reserves the right to amend any errors concerning content and the price list on the webshop. All orders are considered binding.


Prices in the webshop are given in Norwegian Crowns (NOK) for private individuals and are inclusive of statutory VAT.

Prices in the webshop are given in Norwegian Crowns (NOK) for corporate customers and are exclusive of statutory VAT.

Prices in the purchase terms and conditions are given in Norwegian Crowns (NOK) and are inclusive of statuotory VAT.


Shipping costs are decided by agreement and cover delivery of sampling material to the customer as well as the return of test samples to the laboratory. Shipping and return postage is included; you must therefore take measuring kits to your nearest post-office or mailbox in order to send them back to Eurofins. You can also deposit them at one of our drop-off points. .

Sampling material

Sampling material is included in the price but lost or damaged measuring devices can be debited and the fee is NOK 200 per measuring kit.

Payment terms and conditions

Payment is against invoice, credit card or through direct bank payment.
In case of invoice purchases, the following payment period is calculated from Eurofin's delivery date.
Private person: 14 days
Business customers: 30 days


Orders are normally sent within 1-3 days. Indicative short-term measuring devices are sent on the next working day throughout the year. Orders for annual average value measuring devices outside of the heating period (15th Oct – 15th April) are sent in time for the next measuring season. Delivery times for analysis reports depend on which analyses have been chosen, but do not normally exceed 20 working days. For indicative short-term measuring, reports are sent directly after preparation (2-3 days).

The laboratory is entitled to perform only those analyses as per the order, which give the relevant result values based on the condition of the test sample on arrival. The condition of the test sample is affected by, for e.g., excessive time between sampling and sample arrival at the laboratory, by sampling instructions not being followed or if the test sample has been stored in an unsuitable environment. For soil detectors that arrive more than 10 days after start of sampling, no report is published due to measurement uncertainty.

The laboratory consults the buyer as far as it is possible, before such a decision is taken.

The buyer is responsible for ensuring that the test sample is dropped off/sent back as per the Laboratory’s indicated logistics solutions or any other specific agreement between the Buyer and the Laboratory. In the event that test samples are damaged or lost during transport, the Laboratory will pay out compensation. Compensation is never greater than the compensation paid out by the transport company’s insurance company to cover such damages or loss.

If unclaimed kits are returned to Eurofins, a fee of at least NOK 350 is charged depending on the delivery volume. This applies even if the Customer wants to redo sampling due to the condition of the test sample (see above). A request for a new shipment of sampling material must be made and include your customer details and the actual order number. As buyer, you have 6 months from the original order date to make such a request.

Right of retraction

In accordance with the Norwegian Distance Contracts Act, you have the right of retraction with regard to a purchase, within 14 days from date of purchase. This cooling-off period is calculated from the first day you received an order confirmation for your order. Reimbursement is made within 30 days from the date that notification of retraction arrived at Eurofins.

If you have received the sampling material and wish to exercise your right of retraction, you are bound to return the material to Eurofins. You are also bound to ensure that no harm comes to the sampling material during the time that it is in your possession. Sampling material must be returned within two weeks from the date that notification of retraction arrived at Eurofins. Returns are made at the customer’s expense. Eurofins invoices NOK 200 for a non-return.

If the test sample has arrived at our laboratory for analysis and the process has started, entitlement to a cooling-off period does not apply.


Customers who want to point out that a mistake has been made in the analysis process must notify the laboratory of such immediately after receiving the results, and during the current measuring season. If Eurofins is at fault, the report is corrected as quickly as possible and at no extra charge. In the event that correction is not possible, the customer is offered a replacement measuring kit at no extra charge.

If the analysis error is due to incorrect information from the customer, an administrative fee is charged, the amount of which depends on the time needed for correction.

Liability limitation

Beyond what is said above and what is prescribed in the Norwegian Consumer Services Act, Eurofins is not responsible for any errors and/or delays and is not liable for any losses caused - whether direct or indirect.

Personal details

In connection with orders, you consent that your personal details are stored and used in order for us to fulfil our obligations to you. Your personal details may be used for marketing purposes. By approving the purchase terms and conditions, you give your consent to the use of your personal details. You are entitled to be informed of the personal details recorded concerning you upon request. If they are wrong, incomplete or irrelevant, you are entitled to request that the details are corrected or deleted. Eurofins undertakes not to communicate your personal details to third parties.

Reports ordered via a municipality’s website are sent in those cases an agreement exists to the municipality’s environmental agency or corresponding service and are, as per the Norwegian Public Access to Information principle, a public document, which can possibly be published on, for e.g. the municipality’s website.


By completing the order, the customer confirms that he/she has read and approved the purchase terms and conditions and that he/she is 18 years of age or over.

After an order is placed and confirmed, Eurofins is not entitled to amend the purchase terms and conditions.

Otherwise, “General regulations for missions within the laboratory industry”, adopted by FaL accredited Laboratories, applies.